Friday, July 3, 2009

oh GAWD more updates TwT

Hey guys, I've got quite a bit to say since last time ^w^;;;

First off, I'm sure a bunch of you remember my angry little blog concerning one ocremix-judge's off-the-record harsh critique of my Aerith's Theme. Well all the support you guys gave at the time made me really happy and at peace with it....however my submission of Rose of May hadn't gone though yet at the time...
After almost half a year, I was very surprised to notice it had not only gotten passed but received rave reviews from the judges in general xD Read here: xD

The techinical problems that the track had were fixed by my friend who is very knowledgable with sound production, so she brought the levels up and did a few other things ^_^ Thanks!
So...I guess I am an ocremixer officially now. ^w^;;; I knew I had sworn off from ever dealing with the site, but...I guess now I will submit the rest xD eh heh...

Okay update two, and this is quite a blow for me >_>
My songs are still not showing up the copyright records. They say that my songs are protected from the day they arrive...but when I called and asked, they could only find 4 songs on the internal database...FOUR out of THIRTEEN. These are songs I sent almost a year ago! They did however cash the checks...the robbers! They say that the wait is 18 months now for a copyright sent by mail >_>
The problem is...If I released the album...and some company decided to steal the songs, all they'd have to do is file electronically and they'd have legal copyrights before me...TwT
So I must at least have all my songs showing in the database before the release...and that might not be till next year guys >_> Plus the CD replication companies won't print the CD unless the songs are showing in the public records and I have the written registration letter for each song from the Goverment to show them....I AM THOROUGHLY PISSED ABOUT THIS! I totally sent the songs in enough time....TwT Right now I am afraid people are going to be really disgusted with me and this whole'm going to go ahead and finish...and then I'm getting right back to my video game covers again which brings me to my next update:

Tifa's Theme lyrics are all done! Lol actually they've been done for two months xD I know it's been a big request and I'm very happy I'll be able to put it out soon! I'm having JoyStickies (grand prize winner of my AMV contest) make the video, and it will be put out as a celebration cover for when I hit 10,000 subs! xD which won't be long at the rate things are going O.O...

I had a strange problem though! I had finished the lyrics mostly two months ago, and had just brought them back up to finish...I did so...and then I wanted to check online at the other Tifa's Theme fan-lyrics online to double check that there were no similarities. Imagine my horror when I found a lyric that had been posted just days ago that started with the SAME first line >w<>_> this was 100 percent coincidence TwT But I was sooo relieved when she was really nice about it..she even had requested I sing the theme just a few weeks ago as a lyrical collab with her (I had forgotten about this TwT) and when I said I already had written lyrics and suggested that she write her own and sing them, she really did so and did a great job!
We just happened to have a similar good idea for that first verse xD
But wow, I never had that happen JoyStickies' made me headdesk >w<
I will post a link to her lyrics with the cover I put out so you can enjoy her lovely lyrics as well ^_^

Hmm that might be all I have for now ^w^;;;
thanks for reading as usual!
~Kate <33


  1. 1- Congratulations for becoming an ocremixer :D! We all knew any of your covers would be accepted =P Noone would refuse to listen to them!

    2- OMG 18 months? That's a fraaud T_T Why do they need so much time? Can't you go to the building and talk to them yourself? Maybe there's something else we can do! There's no way they need that huge amount of time O_O
    ARrggh that's annoying! But don't worry, we aren't going to be disgusted with you =P The fault is not yours!!

    3- I can't wait to listen to your Tifa's theme cover and add it to my Kate's covers collection :D~~ I'm sure it'll be amazing!! *Hollow drools xD*

    See youu Kate *hugs*, Keep us informed!~

  2. I can't wait till your cd comes out :D I definitely won't be disgusted with you, it isn't your fault. It's ok ^^

    I also can't wait to hear Tifa's theme. I have been wanting to hear it after I heard Aerith's theme. You're very talented, and to me and better than a lot of singers I listen to :)

  3. Oh wow! I didn't know you were actually going to make Tifa's song! <3333 Awesome. I was one of the requesters for that song, heeheeheehee!


    I look forward to hearing it. n_n

  4. It sucks that they seem to have "lost" that information and it sucks that it could be a lot longer than we'd hoped for your ablum, but the wait WILL be worth it, I know that much.

    I can't wait to hear your Tifa's Theme, I'm sure it'll be fantastic.

    It hit me just then that a good one for you to do, no doubt it's been put forwards many times, but what about Red XIII's Theme / Cosmo Canyon? I think it'd sound incredibly awesome in your style.

    Just to let you know, it may creep you out, there's not been a day gone by (since i've been introduced to your music) that I haven't listened to your FF songs before going to sleep and then again as soon as I wake up. It's like i'm addicted to your songs.

  5. Well, another couple of months till we can hear your album ... that´s pretty sad, sure, but I know what I´m waiting for! And so I´m waiting till it´s out!
    Hope this whole stuff will be finished positive for you soon.

    Looking forward to Tifa´s Theme. Finally another cover song, as well a thing I waited for, ´cause you did so well in the past.
    And I´m with demontron to request Red XIII´s Theme or Cosmo Canyon ...

    Kind greetings,

  6. just to let you know.. that I love your covers and voice is nice to hear new singers in youtube or around the net.. keep the good work....

  7. None of your true fans will ever be "disgusted" with you Kate! We are just as excited as you are to release the cd - because we all want it!! LOL. Is there no other to submit the songs? Is electronic submission very expensive or something? Waiting until next year will be torture, because I love your music! hehehe

  8. Don't worry, sweetie!! We'd never be angry with you, God no!! It'sthose stupid idiots at the company who are toblame, if anyone, there's no way they need another 18 months to look for your songs, especially not if your song titles are original, surely??

    I'm behind you 100% Kate!! ^_^

    ~jaysonlaputa, AKA JayFireweaver

  9. I just wanted to say that... as a female soldier, I've found great relevance and self reflection in your rendition of Rose of May. It's beautiful, and it does portray some of the struggles US Soldiers, female warriors, face even today.

    Thank you for writing a beautiful song. And putting words to some of the inner turmoil that's found peace in my mind.

  10. Hi Kate,

    Found you on youtube, I don't remember how...

    Anyway, I have found only two voices ever that I can truly agree are angelic, and yours is one of them (I'm picky, and I don't believe everyone on American Idol is as good a singer as ppl act like they are, so I really mean it about your voice!). Roses of May is beautiful and the lyrics are very poetic, touching the heart and imagination.

    The other is Chloe Agnew (sp?) of Celtic Women, which made me wonder if you ever considered joining them! You'd rock. I don't know if you have already gone professional, but if you have, could you let me know, by chance? I'd love to have your cd. If it's not too much trouble, my email is whenever you have the time.

  11. I've just got to say:

    Good luck and congratulations.

    Congratulations, you reached the line,
    Good luck, so the time will come just as fine.